Eventi The walking routesLedro Alps Trek Alpiedi - Leg 1: from Storo to TremalzoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 10:00Length: 27,8kmAscent: 1.501m
The ascent from Storo to Tremalzo offers spectacular views over Valle di Ledro and Valle del Chiese. -
WWI: from S. Giovanni to Cima RoccaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 6,5kmAscent: 598m
This trail is highly recommended for all history fans: a visit to the system of tunnels in Cima Rocca together with breathtaking views of Lake Garda -
Pieve - Memories on showHiking trailLINKDuration: h 0:30Length: 1,6kmAscent: 19m
Pieve lies on the western shore of Lake Ledro. Its turquoise water is not the only attraction of the village though. Among its picturesque streets are to be found traces of the history of the village and of Valle di Ledro. -
“Once upon a time there was a castle” pathHiking trailLINKDuration: h 0:40Length: 1,0kmAscent: 38m
In the centre of the village of Tenno, just below the castle, you will find Borgo di Frapporta, the oldest part of the village. The point of departure of the itinerary is in front of the ogive door that allows the entrance to the burg. -
GardaTrek - Top Loop 7: Back to the waterLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:50Length: 7,6kmAscent: 630m
A breathtaking finale for the Top Loop of GardaTrek: take the cable car down to Monte Baldo and return by ferry to get back to where you started from.  -
From Malga Campo to Monte StivoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:00Length: 8,4kmAscent: 687m
This is a trail for experienced hikers which leads to Cima Bassa and then along the ridge to the summit of Stivo, one of the most spectacular viewing points in Garda Trentino -
Monte San Martino nel Lomaso (da S. Giovanni)Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 6,5kmAscent: 157m
Easy walk to the archaeological site on the top of Monte San Martino that dominates the Valley of Giudicarie (do not confuse this area with the one above the village of Campi) -
19. Marmitte, Castel Penede and Strada Santa LuciaHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 5,8kmAscent: 194m
An easy hike through historic locations with a marvellous view over Lake Garda   -
Grotta Camerona e Lago di TennoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:00Length: 10,6kmAscent: 292m
An excursion through history and nature. From the vast Grotta Camerona to the splendid Lake Tenno with its surrounding mountains and the quaint medieval village. -
Sentiero della CooperazioneHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:05Length: 6,5kmAscent: 286m
The itinerary is signposted with panels representing Don Lorenzo Guetti. -
Blossom in DromaèMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:52Length: 12,1kmAscent: 735m
Dromaè is among the most beautiful spots in Valle di Ledro, particularly late in the Spring. Green meadows, unparalleled views over the Lake, wild flowers and historical traces  make for a spectacular walk. -
22. Great War: Doss Casina and Dosso AltoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:20Length: 7,2kmAscent: 356m
A hike through some of the First World War sites where the Italian Futurists fought -
GardaTrek - Top Loop 5: Across the former Austrian FrontLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 4:00Length: 12,3kmAscent: 1.797m
A breathtaking descent from the over 2000 metres a.s.l. of the pastures of Monte Stivo to Nago in the valley floor, across the former front of teh Great War -
The Old Pinza RoadMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:32Length: 10,5kmAscent: 1.509m
 Itinerary that follows the signed path 402 from Bocca di Trat, at the border with Valle di Ledro, to Riva del Garda along one of the historic roads of Garda Trentino -
Ledro Alps Trek Alpiedi - Leg 4: from Rifugio Pernici to Bivacco CampelMountain tourLINKDuration: h 8:00Length: 18,2kmAscent: 620m
The Peace Path, which runs along the Front of the Great War, links Rifugio Pernici to Monte Cadria, the highest point in the whole of Valle di Ledro.  -
GardaTrek - Top Loop 6: In the Garden of EuropeLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 7:00Length: 11,3kmAscent: 1.839m
This stage takes you to Monte Baldo, renowned for the exceptional variety of its flora (it's therefore known as "Garden of Europe") and the incredible views over Lake Garda. -
Malga PlazMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:22Length: 10,2kmAscent: 910m
Trekking on the mountains in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. -
Monte CadriaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:00Length: 11,9kmAscent: 1.318m
The ascent from the woods of Concei to the top of Monte Cadria is among the most demanding that Valle di Ledro has to offer, but also one of the most rewarding. -
Malga NardisMountain tourLINKDuration: h 7:00Length: 15,3kmAscent: 1.220m
A panoramic and little-known ring route on the trail of the wonders of the local flora and fauna. -
Monte CaroneMountain tourLINKDuration: h 7:00Length: 14,7kmAscent: 1.151m
Circular route that runs along the border between Trentino and Lombardy, once the last frontier of the Habsburg Empire, as is testified by the military fortifications that are to be seen along the way. -
Garda Trek - Top Loop: The crown of Garda TrentinoLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 47:00Length: 92,5kmAscent: 1.969m
7 challenging stages from one mountain hut to the next, from the shores of the lake to 2000 m and above, touching on all of the peaks surrounding the northern shores of Lake Garda. -
Galleria RiccabonaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 2,2kmAscent: 218m
Very easy route unfolding from Malga Trat to the slopes of Mazza di Pichea, where some fortifications dating back to the Great War are located. -
DefensionsmauerMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:00Length: 7,8kmAscent: 373m
From war to peace: the walkway linking the Austrian fortifications dating back to the Great War now makes for a beautiful itinerary for history enthusiasts, hiking lovers and  those who just want to enjoy a great view. Return along the Ponale path, once the main link between Valle di Ledro and Riva del Garda and battleground during the Great War. The rock formations and the vegetation, influenced by the mild climate of Lake Garda, give to the landscape a Mediterranean-like appearance.   -
Sentiero del LatteHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 7,3kmAscent: 116m
Embark on a journey to explore the rural mountain economy of Fiavé and Favrio, centred around the production of milk and its various derivatives. -
From waterfall to waterfallMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:00Length: 8,2kmAscent: 311m
Circular route along the old Roman road to Croina, among natural and historical wonders.  -
Walking around Lake LedroHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 9,5kmAscent: 33m
Whoever visits Valle di Ledro can’t miss the promenade along the shore of Lake Ledro, with its four beaches and its villages (Pieve, Mezzolago and Molina). -
Sentiero del Troc - Lago d'AmpolaHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:30Length: 6,6kmAscent: 58m
Lake Ledro is not the only lake in Valle di Ledro.  -
Exploring Ledro Land ArtHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 2,6kmAscent: 67m
Ledro Land Art is an environmental art park immersed in the pinewood of Pur, one of the green lungs of the Valle di Ledro, where artistic creativity meets nature. -
Malga Giù - San MartinoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 13,3kmAscent: 670m
Ascent from the pinewood of Pur to the alpine meadows of Malga Giù and Ca’ de Mez, on the mountains above Molina. Descent towards Pieve passing by the little church of San Martino, an ancient hermitage offering a stunning view over Lake Ledro and Val Concei. -
WWI: Monte CornoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:10Length: 6,9kmAscent: 521m
A historical hike up the slopes of Mount Corno, offering magnificent views of Lake Garda, Arco, the Sarca Plain, and Lake Loppio. -
Sentiero del Ponale (from Ledro)Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:00Length: 10,5kmAscent: 307m
For more than a century the Ponale road has enchanted travellers. This route is ideal for all those who want to enjoy a nice walk and a breath-taking view over Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains.  -
Cima AvezMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 9,1kmAscent: 220m
Very easy route, ideal for families looking for a day trip in the mountains.  -
Bezzecca – Val Molini – Santa LuciaHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:15Length: 4,7kmAscent: 62m
To the discovery of one of the little side valleys of Valle di Ledro, among green meadows and historical sites. -
Bocca Trat - Cima ParìMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:30Length: 9,7kmAscent: 551m
Cima Parì is one of the most stunning viewpoints in Valle di Ledro. On a clear day, it offers views sweeping from Lake Ledro to Lake Garda, from the Dolomites to Adamello.  -
Madonnina di BezzeccaHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:30Length: 4,3kmAscent: 94m
It takes just a few minutes from the village to reach the Madonnina of Bezzecca, a nice spot with a beautiful view over Lake Ledro. Val di Mulini stretches through meadows and barns.  -
Ledro Trek LowMountain tourLINKDuration: h 8:00Length: 18,0kmAscent: 375m
Start from the Tourist Office in Pieve. We enter the village, we turn into Via Rabaglia and we take the SAT 454 path. At the first bend, instead of continuing along the numbered path, we take the path on the right. We walk along this path to Mezzolago and then we continue downhill along Via Dromaè. After a few hundred metres we take the path on the left and we get into the wood. At the top of the ascent we turn right, and we start walking along a flat path. As we reach For di Bella, in sight of a hut, we take the left path and we resume the uphill climb until we reach the forestry road. Before the bend we take the path on the right and we start the descent towards Molina. At the fork with the path leading to the Madonnina we suggest you make a little detour to enjoy the wonderful view. Once we reach the asphalt, we walk downhill along Via dei Colli to the Pile-Dwellings Museum. We walk along the lake and at the limestone kiln we take the path on the left and we start walking uphill in the wood. We follow the path to Pur and we reach Via Casarino. We turn right and the fork we turn left into the road leading to Malga Cita. We reach the start of Ledro Land Art, we enter the pinewood, we cross the dry torrent bed and we start walking uphill. We reach the forestry road and then we turn right. We continue along the forestry road and we reach Via al Roccolo and we start our descent to Pieve, first along the road and then along the bike path. -
Sentiero dell'AcquaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:15Length: 10,2kmAscent: 266m
A walk that celebrates the forces of nature, like water with its healing properties and ability to shape and fascinate: from Comano Spa to the deep gorge of the Canyon del Limarò, continuing along the river Sarca, one of the main watercourses in Trentino, that connects the Adamello - Presanella & Brenta Dolomites glaciers to Lake Garda. -
From Malga Campo to Rifugio Altissimo above Lake GardaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:35Length: 9,4kmAscent: 442m
The mountain hut Rifugio Damiano Chiesa on Monte Altissimo is one of the most popular destinations with hikers in Garda Trentino. This is a variation on the usual route for you to try -
GardaTrek - Top Loop 2: descent to Lake TennoLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 11,6kmAscent: 1.140m
This stage goes from a hut to the next, from Nino Pernici to San Pietro, touching the verdant shores of lake Tenno and the evocative medieval village of Canale di Tenno.  -
Sentiero del Ponale (from Riva del Garda)Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:00Length: 6,4kmAscent: 467m
Ponale Trail is the best known and most popular in Garda Trentino: easy but at the same time spectacular as its winds sheer above the lake, a classic trek you can't afford to miss. -
Marocche Nature ReserveMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 6,1kmAscent: 119m
An easy excursion in a truly unique environment in another dimension of time and space -
“La strada delle streghe” pathHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:15Length: 2,6kmAscent: 115m
In Balbido, take the road that goes towards val Marcia as far as Le Cross where you will find an open space and the sign indicating the start of the walk. -
Ledro Alps Trek Alpiedi - Leg 3: from Bivacco Arcioni to Rifugio PerniciMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 11,1kmAscent: 1.008m
The path runs along the Front of the First World War, on the mountainside of Cima d'Oro, Cima Sclapa and Cima Parì. -
Sentiero Busatte TempestaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:40Length: 7,9kmAscent: 212m
The Busatte - Tempesta Trail is one of the most well-known and popular hikes in the area.  -
Rango, Balbido and Passo DuroneMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:45Length: 8,3kmAscent: 224m
This is an easy and fascinating walk first through Rango, “one of the most beautiful villages in Italy”, then Balbido, known as Il paese dipinto (the painted village) and Passo Durone. -
Monte San Martino nel Lomaso (da Lundo)Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 5,8kmAscent: 258m
This excursion runs almost entirely through the woods leading to the discovery of a place not so well known but very interesting for its  archaeological significance. -
Credata FortMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 3,9kmAscent: 279m
This short walk will take you through one of the most interesting places of Val Algone: a small fortress tucked-away in the woods that covers the craggy left side of the valley. -
On Monte ValandroMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:30Length: 10,1kmAscent: 1.031m
This excursion runs along the sides of Banale, immersed in Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. -
Bastione - S. Maria Maddalena - Foci San GiacomoHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:30Length: 4,3kmAscent: 194m
Short and easy walk to discover an almost unknown area of Riva del Garda.   -
Rio Bianco waterfalls & Botanic GardenHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 4,7kmAscent: 149m
Along this captivating itinerary, you will come to appreciate two important aspects of the Parco Naturale Adamello-Brenta: its water and flora. The water element, prime resource for the ecosystem and for mankind, shapes and carves the landscape and is an integral part of this excursion which reaches the heart of the roaring Rio Bianco waterfalls. -
From Lake Tenno to Canale, a stroll through the countrysideHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:30Length: 4,9kmAscent: 39m
Easy walk around Lake Tenno and as far as Canale, a medieval village belonging to the club of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy.   -
The S. Vili’s path: through Deggia, Moline & RanzoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 13,9kmAscent: 341m
A walk between nature and history. -
GardaTrek - Top Loop 4: to the balcony over Lake GardaLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 7:50Length: 16,3kmAscent: 1.908m
Another uphill stage! From the bottom of the valley there is almost 2000 metres of elevation gain to get to one of the most spectacular viewing points in all of Garda Trentino. -
Great War: Cima Nodice and the “Scala Santa” or Holy StairsMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:01Length: 3,1kmAscent: 294m
A short hike in the mountains sheer above Lake Garda following the trail of the First World War -
GardaTrek - TopLoop 2: descent to Lake Tenno (Alternative route)Long distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 4:30Length: 12,1kmAscent: 1.176m
Sentiero della Regina is often damaged by bad weather. This alternative route bypasses the interrupted stretch and reconnects to the official Garda Trek Top Loop track in Canale. -
Ledro Trek Medium - Stage 2Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:30Length: 16,6kmAscent: 820m
Ledro Trek Medium is a two-day trek along mountainside trails overlooking Lake Ledro. Highlights of the second stage: Wonderful views of Lake Ledro, Ledro Land Art and Alpine pastures of Sant'Anna. -
From Cornelle through the surrounding woodsMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:30Length: 8,0kmAscent: 394m
This excursion, running entirely through the woods, with short stretches bordering the fields, offers an opportunity to experience, first-hand, the beauty of the alpine landscape. -
10. To the Hermitage Eremo di San GiacomoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:15Length: 4,2kmAscent: 615m
A hike up the slopes of Monte Stivo from Bolognano to the chapel which overlooks the town and the Arco area and offers a good view point. -
Le Tre Sorelle: the Three SistersMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:00Length: 15,2kmAscent: 837m
A less well-known corner of Valle di Ledro, at the border with Valle del Chiese and the Giudicarie.  -
Walking tour of the mountain huts of Val di ConceiMountain tourLINKDuration: h 7:00Length: 14,6kmAscent: 816m
A journey to the discovery of the rural economy of Valle di Ledro. -
Monte S. MartinoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:00Length: 6,2kmAscent: 428m
Trekking with a beautiful view over the Comano valley. -
Malga Movlina and Rifugio XII ApostoliMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:30Length: 11,4kmAscent: 825m
This excursion leads to the heart of Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta and offers breath-taking views of the Dolomites and the Adamello, passing through the spectacular Val Algone to reach Rifugio XII Apostoli (2.847 m). -
"Il Pifferaio magico e le palafitte" pathHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:30Length: 4,0kmAscent: 37m
From Fiavè follow the indications to the archaeological area, as far as the car park on the right-hand side of the main road. -
2 days in the mountains of Garda Trentino and 1 night in Rifugio PerniciMountain tourLINKDuration: h 13:45Length: 25,4kmAscent: 1.707m
Sleeping in a mountain hut is always a thrill. This excursion has an overnight stay in the mountains followed by a super panoramic hike back down to Riva del Garda -
Bosco Caproni and Trenches of VastrèMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:20Length: 5,4kmAscent: 217m
A nature walk which in just a few kilometres manages to give a fascinating insight into the historical events which left their mark on Garda Trentino -
GardaTrek - Top Loop 3: a long descent to the River SarcaLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 7:55Length: 20,3kmAscent: 1.240m
From San Pietro hut (1000 m above sea level) to the valley bottom again. Another stage characterized by a great variety of lanscapes as you descend to the Sarca river shores.  -
Monte TomeabrùMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:30Length: 9,7kmAscent: 352m
Monte Tomeabrù offers a wonderful view over Lake Ledro. This route is a good alternative to the well-trodden path to Cima Parì. -
Great War: from Malga Grassi to Rifugio PerniciMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:08Length: 2,5kmAscent: 558m
This is without doubt one of the most popular hiking trails in Garda Trentino. Short and not too hard, it leads to one of the busiest mountain huts in the area. -
Tour of the malghe of MolinaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:00Length: 13,8kmAscent: 1.026m
From malga to malga, discovering the alpine pastures above Molina, between Monte Corno and Monte Tremalzo. -
Monte BiainaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:35Length: 7,3kmAscent: 288m
Hike to the Biaina Mount with its 360° view that goes from Lake Garda to the Dolomites -
Monte CasaleMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 11,6kmAscent: 1.012m
From the top, the view spans across Trentino’s peaks and 7 lakes. -
Coste di BaoneMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 4,9kmAscent: 162m
With its rocky slope and hillsides covered in olive groves Monte Baone is a landmark of Garda Trentino. From here there is an absolutely spectacular view over the entire  area. -
The Dürer Promenade in ArcoHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:21Length: 7,6kmAscent: 157m
A walk from the centre of Arco to Varignano, in the footsteps of the painter Albrecht Dürer who at the end of the 15th century was inspired by these places to paint the castle and town. -
Bastione and Santa Barbara, the lords of Riva del GardaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:45Length: 2,8kmAscent: 544m
From Riva del Garda to Bastione and then on up to Santa Barbara: this hike touches on two of the symbols of the town perched on the mountainside above Riva del Garda     -
Passo della Morte: a path through nature and legendMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:30Length: 7,7kmAscent: 510m
This is a long walk that will take you through the leafy forests that drape the sides of “Godesi”, (the north-western side of Mount Casale), a location rich in historic and cultural elements. -
From the church of San Lorenzo to Bussè hillHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 3,0kmAscent: 109m
An easy walk that connects two viewpoints near Tenno: the Grom hill in the village of Frapporta and the educational nature path on the Bussè hill.   -
Ledro Alps Trek Alpiedi - Leg 2: from Tremalzo to Bivacco ArcioniMountain tourLINKDuration: h 8:00Length: 23,7kmAscent: 1.440m
This route runs all along the southern side of Valle di Ledro, from the verdant meadows of Tremalzo to the rocky peaks of Monte Carone. -
Church of San Giovanni - Bivacco ArcioniMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 4,7kmAscent: 436m
Climb up from the little church of San Giovanni to the Arcioni bivouac with its panoramic terrace. -
13. Monte Gaggio e GaggioloMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:30Length: 12,8kmAscent: 127m
Pleasant walk in little-known areas of Garda Trentino passing through Gaggio and Gaggiolo.  -
Cima RoccaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:30Length: 8,3kmAscent: 614m
Trek for hikers with experience along the side of the Ledro Alps facing Lake Garda.  -
Ledro Alps Trek Alpiedi - Leg 5: from Bivacco Campel to StoroMountain tourLINKDuration: h 8:00Length: 22,0kmAscent: 1.310m
This route runs downhill through meadows, broadleaved trees and malghe, astride two valleys: Valle di Ledro and Valli Giudicarie. -
From Dro to Braila along the Teacher's TrailMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:30Length: 10,9kmAscent: 415m
An excursion from Dro to the mountain hamlet of Braila, along the historic trail which cuts across the slopes of Monte Varino with a spectacular view over the Sarca Valley. -
Hidden Treasures: Pranzo, a village and its craftsHiking trailLINKDuration: h 0:30Length: 1,3kmAscent: 62m
A visit to the open air art installation in the village of Pranzo (Tenno): wooden panels made by the local school of sculpture in honour of the trades and professions of days gone by. -
Open Air Gallery: art in the open air in DrenaHiking trailLINKDuration: h 0:21Length: 0,8kmAscent: 53m
Lots of different unexpected installations, objects and splashes of colour which transform the woods into an open air art gallery -
Around Monte TremalzoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:00Length: 12,1kmAscent: 594m
The route alternates the meadows of Tremalzo and Giù to the woods of Caset and the rocks and pines of the Marogna. From the Corno della Marogna the eye can sweep all around. Northwards towards Valle di Ledro, westwards towards the Adamello group, to the east towards Lake Garda and to the south towards the Alpine foothills. -
The Archaeological Area San Martino in CampiMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:05Length: 2,3kmAscent: 125m
An easy walk to the San Martino Archaeological Area near Campi by Riva del Garda   -
Val Marcia: The Witches TrailMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:00Length: 7,0kmAscent: 794m
At the beginning of the valley seven crosses were built in 1656 to keep away the witches, who were thought to cast courses on the inhabitants, causing damages to the villages and the fields. This itinerary isn’t a strenuous one and it’s perfect also for children and seniors, as long as trained. In fact, you will have to face a steep climb that will bring you up at 1580 metres. Val Marcia, located at the south end of Bleggio, is enclosed by Mount Altissimo and Mount Cogorna and traversed by the river Duina and its little tributaries. Discover this wild valley and admire such an untouched territory offering many wonderful glimpses. -
Hiking to the mountain hut San Pietro on Monte CalinoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:57Length: 9,1kmAscent: 420m
The hike up to hut San Pietro is one of the most popular for locals as well as for tourists for its ease of access, excellent cuisine and spectacular panoramic views of Lake Garda -
Cima Bal and Cima NaraMountain tourLINKDuration: h 8:00Length: 14,2kmAscent: 937m
The path runs through the meadows of Leano and Guil and reaches Cima Nara and Cima Bal, which offer spectacular views over Valle di Ledro and Lake Garda. -
Laghel, echoes of literature and religious devotionHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:50Length: 5,5kmAscent: 222m
A trail which winds along the Stations of the Cross celebrated in the poetry of R. M. Rilke -
Madonna delle ferleMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 5,3kmAscent: 196m
Easy and short, but nonetheless very satisfying, route, which unveils a less known corner of Valle di Ledro.  -
Monte Colodri - ColtMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:00Length: 10,0kmAscent: 341m
A hike along the Colodri and Colt ridges, natural balconies overlooking the Sarca Valley. Please note this trail is only for sure-footed experienced hikers! -
Val ConceiHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 8,5kmAscent: 143m
The Val Concei naturalistic path is surrounded by nature. -
Gorg d'AbissHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 1,4kmAscent: 121m
Perfect route for families with children looking for a light and quiet walk but not wanting to renounce to a dash of outdoor adventure. -
Giro della Madonnina di BestaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 6,5kmAscent: 363m
One doesn’t need to climb the mountains of Valle di Ledro to enjoy a breathtaking view over Lake Ledro. The Madonnina of Besta dominates the village below and encompasses at a glance the whole of Lake Ledro. -
“BoscoArteStenico” pathHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:10Length: 2,2kmAscent: 71m
From Stenico, follow the path starting from the natural area of Rio Biancoor directly from La Cros, above the church. -
Path of the DefensionmauerMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 8,8kmAscent: 383m
The “Defensionmauer” was the defensive wall built before WWI in the area of Sperone against possible attacks by the Italian infantry and was armed with machine guns.   -
GardaTrek - Medium Loop 2: from the Rifugio San Pietro hut to CenigaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:20Length: 12,9kmAscent: 995m
A long, downhill hike towards the Sarca Valley from the thick woods of Monte Calino to the orchards surrounding Ceniga, just beside the shore of river Sarca.  -
Loop around Pregasina: Punta Larici and Malga PalaerMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:30Length: 6,5kmAscent: 441m
Loop that leads from Pregasina to Punta Larici, an incredible lookout point overlooking Lake Garda, passing along the "Senter de la Costa"  -
Colle di Santo StefanoHiking trailLINKDuration: h 0:30Length: 1,1kmAscent: 33m
On the traces of history… To the discovery of the war facts which have affected Valle di Ledro in the last two centuries. -
GardaTrek - Medium Loop: 4 stages around Garda TrentinoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 29:05Length: 72,6kmAscent: 1.033m
4 stages hikeable all year round, from the lake shore to more than 1000 m. a.s.l., from Mediterranean vegetation to Alpine woods: one loop, all the variety of Garda Trentino! -
GardaTrek Medium Loop 1: from Riva del Garda to Rifugio San PietroMountain tourLINKDuration: h 10:40Length: 23,3kmAscent: 887m
Start out with a hike through the valleys and mountain hamlets of Garda Trentino on little-frequented trails and country lanes and enjoyed the quietness of the route. -
Monte Corno: the balcony above Lake LedroMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:30Length: 14,3kmAscent: 1.027m
From lake to mountain passing by the little church of San Martino, once a hermitage. -
Garda Trek - Medium Loop 4: From Bolognano to Riva del GardaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 8:25Length: 23,1kmAscent: 636m
Now you have explored the inland area, the trek turns south again, towards the shores of lake Garda, which dominates the last stretch of the GardaTrek Medium Loop -
GardaTrek - Medium Loop 3: from Ceniga to BolognanoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 8:20Length: 19,8kmAscent: 713m
Between the Sarca Valley and the slopes of Monte Stivo, this stage of GardaTrek Medium Loop crosses some of the lesser known but equally charming areas of Garda Trentino -
Hidden Treasures: The Heart of Dro, in the Sarca valleyHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:20Length: 4,9kmAscent: 63m
An easy walk around Dro, a small town in the Sarca Valley, from the central town square to the chapel of Sant'Abbondio on the hill of the same name -
Walking up to the Castle of ArcoHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 2,9kmAscent: 109m
A short urban trail to discover the historic centre of Arco,  perfect for anybody on their first visit to Garda Trentino who wants to find out more about the town. -
Treasures of Sacral Art in ArcoHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:35Length: 9,7kmAscent: 77m
An easy itinerary which focuses on the historic frescoed churches around Arco, little known gems, the perfect walking tour for lovers of art and architecture. -
Val Algone: discovery trail in Parco Naturale Adamello BrentaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:30Length: 7,2kmAscent: 277m
This is an easy walk along the bottom of Val Algone to discover its past: pastures, barns, farmsteads and the glass industry. -
View from TremalzoHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:30Length: 4,3kmAscent: 166m
Easy mountain walk among mugho pines. With the Adamello group in the background. -
Sentiero della FedeMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:30Length: 10,1kmAscent: 253m
A walk through the Bleggio region to discover the surrounding hamlets and places of faith: from quaint little churches painted by the Baschenis to the majestic church of S. Croce with its Roman crypt and the chapel guarding inside the miraculous cross, passing numerous shrines and prayer corners, signs of an ancient rural world where faith often blended with legends and superstition. -
The path through the chestnut grove of DrenaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:44Length: 4,2kmAscent: 209m
Educational path dedicated to the local culture of the chestnut, in the “maroneri” chestnut grove.   -
The "Blue Line" of Garda TrentinoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:20Length: 15,2kmAscent: 200m
A historic itinerary which follows the 1945 line of fortifications from the lakeshore of Riva di Garda to Nago-Torbole. -
Arca di FraporteMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:30Length: 10,4kmAscent: 789m
It’s hard to explain the emotions one feels while walking through this spectacular natural wonder: the vastness of the cave, the roaring of the waterfalls, the darkness broken here and there by bright light beams penetrating the cave and the sounds of nature echoing all around. -
Sass de Santa CrosMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:40Length: 7,2kmAscent: 337m
This short excursion, suitable for everyone, is ideal for beginners who wish to discover everything that mountain can offer. -
Garda Trek - LowLoop 2: from Arco to Riva del GardaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 7:10Length: 19,2kmAscent: 241m
The second stage of the Low Loop takes you back to Riva del Garda, touching on Nago and Torbole, then following the lake shore to the point you started from, exploring the eastern shore of Garda Trentino. -
GardaTrek - Low Loop 1: from Riva del Garda to ArcoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:55Length: 13,9kmAscent: 424m
The first stage of the trek links the two main towns in Garda Trentino and takes you from Riva del Garda to Arco. -
Rilke PromenadeHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:15Length: 7,1kmAscent: 137m
A literary stroll in the shadow of Arco Castle, following in the footsteps of the great Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke, who drew inspiration from these surroundings.  -
Garda Trek - Low Loop: in the heart of Garda TrentinoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 12:25Length: 32,4kmAscent: 450m
GardaTrek Low Loop is an easy trek which allows you to explore the "Busa", the lowland area of Garda Trentino overlooking Lake Garda, and its main towns which are Riva del Garda, Tenno, Arco, Nago and Torbole sul Garda. -
S. Croce church: at the foot of Monte CasaleHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 5,6kmAscent: 264m
A beautiful walk across Lomaso highland, through pastures, orchards and thick woodland that leads to the foot of Mount Casale.  -
Ledro Trek Medium - Stage 1Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 11,0kmAscent: 761m
Ledro Trek Medium is a two-day trek along mountainside trails overlooking Lake Ledro. Highlights of the first stage: Wonderful views of Lake Ledro, village centre of Pieve, Monte Cocca, Madonnina di Besta, sanctuary of the Madonna de le ferle. -
The Potato TrailHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:45Length: 7,6kmAscent: 156m
“Sentiero della Patata”, the Potato Trail, runs through the farmland where this typical mountain product grows. Along the route you can admire from above the Lomaso highland, the land of potatoes, rich in history, tradition and rural charm.   -
The walnut trailHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 9,7kmAscent: 182m
“Sentiero della noce”, the walnut trail, runs across the Bleggio area, where for centuries people have been growing walnut trees, the typical product of the valley endorsed by the Slow Food movement. The walnut is the heart of this territory, characterized by a picturesque scenery peppered with historic rural hamlets, and the itinerary reveals tucked-away corners and lanes off the beaten path. -
A hike around Monte Calino, the mountain of TennoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:52Length: 11,1kmAscent: 619m
This hike is all about Monte Calino, close to Tenno. It is like a natural balcony overlooking the Busa, as locals call the Basso Sarca plain, and lake Garda.   -
The summit of Monte BrentoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:31Length: 11,1kmAscent: 470m
This trail overlooking the Sarca Valley is for those who like to hike off the beaten track in unspoilt natural surroundings -
Giro delle cime - Half tourMountain tourLINKDuration: h 8:00Length: 17,5kmAscent: 1.260m
Less demanding version of the Giro delle cime. For those who don’t want to miss the wonderful landscapes of the mountains of Val Concei. -
On Monte MisonetMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:40Length: 8,5kmAscent: 447m
This excursion can be completed in half day with some basic training. You will be stunned by the beauty of the forest, the leafy vegetation and the intense ever-changing hues of green. -
Monte CoccaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:30Length: 8,4kmAscent: 700m
Route which leads up to the top of Monte Cocca, offering a beautiful view over Lake Ledro and the villages on the valley floor. -
"Il lago d'erba della Val Lomasona" pathHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:10Length: 2,4kmAscent: 24m
From the village of Dasindo, follow the signs to val Lomasona, enter the valley as far as the junction a little before the fish farm. You can leave the car here, on the side of the road. On the left you will find the wooden notice board and the start of the path which flanks the Torbiera Lomasona provincial natural park. -
On the summit of Monte MisoneMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:15Length: 8,2kmAscent: 857m
Monte Misone is a solitary peak on the north-west end of Lake Garda. Perhaps it is less well-known than the other mountains around the lake but the panorama from its summit is a memory you will treasure forever. -
Monte StivoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:00Length: 9,7kmAscent: 830m
Monte Stivo dominates Garda Trentino, and from its summit you have one of the most spectacular views over Lake Garda and the surrounding valleys. -
The meadows of LegosHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 5,0kmAscent: 126m
This walk unwinding through the woods and meadows of Legos reveals a less well known and less well-trodden corner of Valle di Ledro, which is just nonetheless as fascinating. -
Bocca Caset. Flying over the AlpsMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 4,6kmAscent: 231m
This route is ideal for families with children: it’s short, it’s undemanding and it’s got a nice treat at the end!  -
Hike to Rifugio San PietroMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:45Length: 5,2kmAscent: 509m
Hike to the mountain hut with the most envied panoramic terrace in the upper Garda. -
Garda Trek - Top Loop 1: from Riva del Garda to Rifugio PerniciLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 7:00Length: 13,7kmAscent: 1.706m
This stage counts nearly 1600 metres of elevation gain, from the mediterranean shores of Lake Garda to the alpine peaks between Garda Trentino and Valle di Ledro.  -
Dromaé - Cima d'OroMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:00Length: 11,5kmAscent: 1.128m
Woods, malghe, meadows with expanses of daffodils and peonies in bloom, Austrian trenches and breathtaking views over Lake Ledro are all to be found along the path that leads to Dromaè and Cima d’Oro (i.e. Golden Summit), which owes its name to the colour it takes at sunset. -
Sentiero della Maestra- "Teacher's Trail" in Val del SarcaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:15Length: 11,6kmAscent: 488m
Hike through the woods which cover the eastern slopes of the Sarca Valley from Bosco Caproni to the little hamlet of Braila, home of the schoolmistress for whom this trail is named -
Passo NotaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 14,9kmAscent: 605m
Passo Nota lies on the border between Trentino and Lombardy. It is an area rich in woods and meadows between the Alto Garda mountains and Tremalzo. -
23. The Great War: along the Segrom ridge to Malga ZuresMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 5,1kmAscent: 452m
A hike along the Austro-Hungarian line of defence, the imposing fortifications built at the turn of the Twentieth century to defend the southern border -
Punta Larici, the most spectacular lookout point on Lake GardaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:45Length: 3,2kmAscent: 366m
The most popular pic of Lake Garda on Instagram? Most likely it was taken from Punta Larici, an incredible lookout point overlooking the western shore of the lake.  -
The forts of Monte BrioneMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:00Length: 6,1kmAscent: 291m
An easy trek to explore the Austro-Hungarian border defences along the Sentiero della Pace or Peace Trail -
Along the equipped trail "del Berghem" to San Martino and Malga GrassiMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:30Length: 17,3kmAscent: 1.041m
An interesting hike, connecting Riva del Garda to the archaeological site of San Martino. The circular route allows you to continue to Capanna Grassi for the lunch and then return to Riva along the other mountain side  -
Bocca de l'UssolMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:30Length: 9,1kmAscent: 889m
Bocca de l’Ussol is the centrepiece of the mountain crown surrounding Val Concei. The Bocca is the northernmost point in Valle di Ledro and it is a natural balcony over the Giudicarie. -
Malga Stabio e Cima SèraMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:00Length: 12,0kmAscent: 920m
Panoramic view across some of the best peaks of Trentino, from the Adamello to the Ortles, from the Brenta range to the Alps. -
From Nago to the summit of Monte AltissimoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:00Length: 8,6kmAscent: 761m
Monte Altissimo is one of the most popular destinations with hikers in Garda Trentino who are drawn by its wonderful lake views which change with every bend along the trail. -
Giro delle cimeMountain tourLINKDuration: h 11:00Length: 25,8kmAscent: 1.352m
Pichea, Tofino, Doss de la Torta, Gavardina, Corno dei Guì, Corno di Lomar, Roda, Cadria. In Valle di Ledro, if someone talks about the ‘Giro delle cime’ (i.e. Tour of the Mountain Tops), these are the mountains that come to mind, the highest in the valley. -
18. From the Marmitte to Perlone between nature and geologyMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 7,6kmAscent: 469m
A trail which connects the Marmitte dei Giganti, spectacular geological pothole formations, with the Castagneto di Nago chestnut woods and the trenches of Busa dei Capitani.  -
Punta LariciMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:00Length: 8,6kmAscent: 640m
From Punta Larici the eye sweeps from the northern end of Lake Garda, with Riva and Monte Brione, to the south, where the lake widens up. One of the finest views over Lake Garda! -
WWI: Monte Corno and Busa dei CapitaniMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:45Length: 3,4kmAscent: 316m
This trail goes to Monte Corno along Stützpunkt Perlone and Busa dei Capitani, some of the strongholds along the Austro-Hungarian front line during the Great War. -
StigoloMountain tourLINKDuration: h 7:00Length: 15,7kmAscent: 827m
The entrance to the Giudicarie: Monte Stigolo is the watershed between Valle di Ledro and Valle del Chiese and offers beautiful views over both.  -
Belvedere of BezzeccaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:00Length: 7,4kmAscent: 313m
An easy walk which unfolds from the village of Bezzecca through the Val dei Molini and leads up to a beautiful belvedere, a naturale terrace with a view over Lake Ledro. -
Castel Restor and surroundingsHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 5,1kmAscent: 151m
A simple but yet interesting walk, discovering an old destroyed manor -
Prati di Prada and the Lakes of LamarMountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 8,1kmAscent: 161m
An easy loop which unfolds at the foot of the Paganella massif and ranges from the grassy meadows of Prada to the Carsic lakes of Lamar, with their beautiful green and transparent waters. -
Giro del Lago di TerlagoHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 3,4kmAscent: 12m
A simple loop around Lake Terlago, with some interesting points in terms of nature. -
Monte Gazza: view of the 4 lakesMountain tourLINKDuration: h 7:00Length: 13,0kmAscent: 887m
Spectacular route on Monte Gazza with a view over the Valle dei Laghi to Lake Garda -
Giro del Monte MezzanaHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:30Length: 8,0kmAscent: 171m
A hike suitable for everyone, through the woods on Monte Mezzana, between the villages of Terlago and Covelo. -
Tour of the four hamletsHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 6,9kmAscent: 240m
A simple walk that takes you through the four hamlets of Vezzano, Fraveggio, Lon, and Ciago in the upper Valle dei Laghi. -
Sentiero archeologico di CavedineHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:00Length: 3,9kmAscent: 90m
The Cavedine Archaeological Trail is a route over dirt track that, through sites and archaeological finds, allows you to reconstruct the historical events over the centuries in Valle dei Laghi. -
Antonio Stoppani Geological TrailHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:50Length: 4,9kmAscent: 121m
An easy trail near the village of Vezzano to discover 10 wells formed by glaciers. -
Nosiola Trail 2Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 2:00Length: 7,2kmAscent: 129m
Second stage of the Nosiola Trail, between Lasino and Calavino. -
Nosiola Trail 3Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:45Length: 10,3kmAscent: 268m
Third stage of the Nosiola Trail, between Lake Cavedine and Cavedine. -
La Roggia di CalavinoHiking trailLINKDuration: h 1:15Length: 3,8kmAscent: 157m
The Roggia di Calavino trail is a route through the narrow Canevai gorge between Dosfolòn and Casai, which was made accessible in the late 1990s. -
Mount Terlago - Paganella summitMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:35Length: 12,2kmAscent: 1.352m
A long, difficult route from Monte Terlago to the top of Paganella. -
Nosiola Trail 1Mountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:00Length: 12,1kmAscent: 86m
A walk through the cultivations of Nosiola, an indigenous grape variety of the Valle dei Laghi whose grapes are dried on special racks (called arèles) to produce Vino Santo Trentino. -
Trekking to Cima Bal and Cima NaraMountain tourLINKDuration: h 4:55Length: 10,2kmAscent: 812m
Trekking along the ridges above Pregasina with a view of Lakes Garda and Ledro.   -
Cammino San Vili - low itineraryLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 35:00Length: 107,6kmAscent: 1.327m
The Cammino di San Vili is named after Saint Vigilio, bishop and patron saint of Trento, who, according to the legend, evangelised the inhabitants of the settlements on this way in the 4th century. The Way runs along the breath-taking mountains of the Brenta Group, reveals wonderful natural landscapes where water and stone intertwine, goes through fascinating villages with ancient traditions and excellent local food. -
Cammino di San Vili - High itineraryLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 40:00Length: 92,7kmAscent: 1.428m
The Cammino di San Vili is named after Saint Vigilio, bishop and patron saint of Trento, who, according to the legend, evangelised the inhabitants of the settlements on this way in the 4th century. The Way runs along the breath-taking mountains of the Brenta Group, reveals wonderful natural landscapes where water and stone intertwine, goes through fascinating villages with ancient traditions and excellent local food. -
Sentiero Frassati - Leg 1Long distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 3:20Length: 6,5kmAscent: 886m
The Sentiero Frassati in Trentino unfolds over seven legs, from the church of the Madonna delle Grazie to the Sanctuary of San Romedio, along dirts roads, paths and mule tracks suitable to all hikers. -
Sentiero Frassati - Leg 2Long distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 8:40Length: 23,3kmAscent: 766m
The Sentiero Frassati in Trentino unfolds over seven legs, from the church of the Madonna delle Grazie to the Sanctuary of San Romedio, along dirts roads, paths and mule tracks suitable to all hikers. -
Campo Lomaso, the Roman Bridge and Castel SpineHiking trailLINKDuration: h 2:07Length: 7,2kmAscent: 157m
A walk through the Lomaso plain, past castles, churches and fields of potatoes and wheat. -
Belvedere PezolMountain tourLINKDuration: h 3:20Length: 7,0kmAscent: 606m
Monte CreinoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:15Length: 4,0kmAscent: 124m
From the defence lines at the peak, a spectacular terrace overlooking Lago di Garda. -
Walk to Malga Somator with kidsHiking trailLINKDuration: h 0:35Length: 2,1kmAscent: 67m
Easy panoramic walk through the cultivated fields of Val di Gresta to Malga Somator. -
The Way of Saint RoccoLong distance hiking trailLINKDuration: h 23:25Length: 67,4kmAscent: 1.132m
A path made up of people and encounters, where history, culture and nature intertwine along ancient paths and small, cosy villages. -
Ascent to Monte StivoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:21Length: 14,5kmAscent: 783m
A loop from Lago di Garda to the Dolomites with amazing panoramas -
From Passo Bordala to Monte BiaenaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:40Length: 3,7kmAscent: 354m
Panoramic walk on mixed terrain between asphalt and rocky slabs, with views of the Val di Gresta, Lake Garda and Vallagarina. -
Sentiero della Pace 9: From Rifugio Pernici to Riva del GardaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 5:50Length: 18,3kmAscent: 1.716m
Sentiero della Pace -
Sentiero della Pace 11: from Torbole - Nago to Rifugio Damiano ChiesaMountain tourLINKDuration: h 6:25Length: 11,1kmAscent: 1.842m
Sentiero della Pace -
Sentiero della Pace 10: from Riva del Garda to Torbole-NagoMountain tourLINKDuration: h 1:55Length: 6,4kmAscent: 159m
Sentiero della Pace -
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